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Badi Ceren

Senior Plan Manager

Badi Ceren, boasts over a decade of experience as a seasoned accountant. In 2018, Badi embarked on the journey of establishing a thriving tax and accounting practice in Melbourne. Leading a dedicated team of bookkeepers and accountants, the primary goal is to assist small business owners in managing their bookkeeping tasks and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

With a background in accounts payables, Badi has gained the confidence to venture into the realm of plan management. This expansion reflects Badi’s commitment to providing the best possible outcomes for Rainbow Support Services participants.

The focus remains steadfast on delivering specialised attention to ensure that participants receive the utmost care, attention and consideration that they deserve.

Michael Harrison

Support Worker

Using his experience in accountancy and compassion as a former teacher, Michael takes great pride in helping those on the NDIS with a need for Plan management.

Caring also about the social and mental health of his participants, Michael has a keen interest in arranging cultural excursions and social outings for those on the NDIS program.

Read more about him here, or give him a call on 1 300 577 311 to talk to a caring, supportive NDIS Plan manager.

Michael grew up in Canada, and with his approach of compassion for those under his care, he took up teaching. For 15 years he was invested in the development and wellbeing of hundreds of young people in his care.

After his successful career in teaching, Michael took up business accountancy, and was able to help people with the financial health of their businesses. Five years on, Michael continues to work in the preparation of business reports for BAS and enjoys what he can do for people.

Now a plan manager for the NDIS, Michael is able to combine his expertise in financial management with his compassion for helping people under his care.

His strength is in providing assistance with funding management and accounts payables paperwork, but is also particularly interested in arranging excursions for the betterment of mental health for those on the NDIS program.

Michael takes great pride in his work with those in the NDIS, and is looking forward to meeting more people he can help.

He lives in Abbotsford with his two dogs, Lulu and Ollie.

Call Michael on 1300 577 311 to talk with a compassionate NDIS plan manager.

Louie Musni

Accounts Manager

Louie, hailing from the Philippines, brings over 5 years of expertise in accounts payable, bookkeeping, and accounts supervision. Eager to connect virtually or over the phone, Louie is enthusiastic about comprehending people’s needs and providing assistance in bill payment, aiming to simplify their lives.

Jonnela Musni

Administration Officer

Hailing from the Philippines, Jonnela, with more than 5 years of experience in customer service, is here to assist you in booking meetings and reviewing documents to facilitate your NDIS journey. Her primary goal is to offer the friendly support you require while delivering top-notch customer service, ensuring you get the most out of your goals. Jonnela is dedicated to making your NDIS experience seamless and efficient, providing the necessary assistance to navigate the process successfully. Whether it’s scheduling crucial meetings or meticulously reviewing documents, Jonnela is committed to helping you achieve your objectives with a personalised and supportive approach.